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Monday, October 23, 2006

Meet Joey

Elise is my knitted toy baby. I so enjoy knitting things for her because she really, truly loves them. Take the latest, "Joey", for example. I found this free pattern by Curly Purly on the internet and just had to make my very own miniature pumpkin. It really only takes an hour or so, and Elise requested that I give this one to her. She also requested the vampire teeth, or I would have made it smiling. Now she has to sleep with Joey, Pasha, and two little fish from The World of Knitted Toys. Oh, and Spotless of course (I didn't make her.) :o)

Cheers to you, Elise!

If you must know, Joey was made from scraps of orange lamb's pride worsted and Paton's wool I haven't gotten around to making his brothers yet.


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