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Friday, September 22, 2006

Raglan Ruffle Sweater Pattern

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my work, I really appreciate it. So for your amusement, I present the Raglan Ruffle sweater. Kay (aka Sock Princess) knit this one a year or so ago, and I think Vicki made one too. I'm sure I never updated the pattern with your comments, so if you see any problems please let me know so I can correct them - I did my best to make this as clear and error free as possible. Elise got a lot of wear out of it, and the Cotton Twist was machine washed many times with excellent result.

Notes: This short sleeved child sweater is knit from the top down in one piece, with an eyelet trim below natural waist and ruffle finish on the bottom. The eyelet band is threaded with contrast yarn made of twisted cord. The sweater is worked in plain stockinette stitch. Ruffle bottom is not represented in the schema measurements. Shown in size 25 inch chest on almost-4-year-old.

Needles: US 8, 6 or to make gauge

Size: 27 inch chest , about 4-5 year old size

Gauge: 5 sts 6 rws per 1" Stockinette stitch

Estimated Ydg: 470

Yarn: 6 hanks of Berroco Cotton Twist, 85 yds/hank, 70% Cotton 30% Rayon


With larger needle, cast on 44 sts. Do not join.

Set Up Row

RS: Knit 1, pm, K1 (seam st), pm, work 8 sts (sleeve sts), pm, work 1 st

(seam st), pm, work 22 sts (back sts), pm, work 1 st (seam st), pm, work 8

sts (sleeve sts), pm, work 1 st (seam st), pm, work last st.

Turn, work one WS row (purl).

Neck Shaping

Working back and forth in stockinette, inc 8 sts on each RS row as follows: *Work to

marker, M1, sm, k1(seam st), sm, M1; repeat from *. Cont in this manner until

2 sts before the first marker. [2, 10, 24, 10, 2, + 4 seam sts] (52 total sts)

Working back and forth, inc 10 sts on each RS row as follows: Inc 1 in the

first st. *Work to the marker, M1,sm, k1(seam st), sm, M1; repeat from *,

end inc 1 in last st.

Cont in this manner until there are 12 sts before first marker. [12, 20, 34, 20,

12, + 4 seam sts] (102 total sts) On the next RS row, increase before and

after each seam stitch (8 increases). Complete row, cast on 10 sts. Join and

cont working to the first marker, round start. Round sequence: sleeve, back,

sleeve, front. Sts: [22, 36, 22, 36, + 4 seam sts] (120 total sts)

Bodice Shaping

To complete the bodice:

M1 on either side of each seam st (8 incs) every 1 rnd/rnds 1x, then every

2 rnd/rnds 11x. Sts: [46, 60, 46, 60, + 4 seam sts.]

Work even until 48 rounds [8"] are


Slip sts for each section onto separate pieces of scrap yarn. Sequence:

sleeve sts, back sts + 2 seam sts,sleeve sts,front sts + 2 seam

sts.Sts: 46, 62, 46, 62

Work Sleeves

Sleeves (work 2)

With larger size needle cast on 5 sts, work 46 sleeve sts, cast on 5 sts, place

marker and join.

Shape Sleeve

work 1 rnd. Begin sleeve shaping:Dec 1 st on each side of marker every

2nd rnd 8x.Cont in pat st until piece measures 2"[rnd


Change to smaller needles for cuff.

Sleeve-to-Rib Dec Round

[Work 12, k2tog] 2x, work 12.

Work rib for 6 rounds[1"].

Bind off 38 sts.

Work Body

Slip front and back body sts onto a circular needle. Cast on 5 sts, work

across front, cast on 5 sts, pm(side seam), cast on 5 sts, join front and

back, work across back, cast on 5 sts, pm(beg of rnd marker), Join.

Work in rounds until underarm to bottom measures 9" or as long as you need to hit just below the natural waistline, or as desired.

Begin eyelet band and finishing ruffle:

beginning at the side seam,

round 1: purl

round 2: k1, *yo, k2tog, k5. repeat from * to end (may not work out exactly, but should be OK…fudge at the end if you must to make it look mostly even)

round 3: knit

round 4: purl

round 5: knit

round 6: k1, m1 across. You will have 244 stitches now.

round 7: m1, k2 across. You should have about 325 stitches.

round 8 and 9: knit

Bind off all stitches and admire your ruffle!!


Graft underarms.

Weave in all ends.

Standard Neck Finishing:

With smaller needle, pick up 72 sts around

neck edge. Inc or dec as necessary on

the first row to balance pattern. Work

rib for 1" or desired length. Bind off


Twisted cord (directions adapted from All Stitched Up by Jane Crowfoot, an excellent book on finishing techniques):

With contrast yarn, choose 3 strands of yarn that are twice as long as needed to thread through eyelets and tie a will have to estimate.

Tie strands together at one end and and tape the knot to the wall with masking tape. Twist the yarn in one direction until it is tight.

Next, hold the end of the yarn firmly in your left hand and pinch the middle of the yarn with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand. Take the end in your left hand up to the secured end and let go of the piece held down by your right hand.

The yarn will twist itself into a cord. Tie the free ends together and even out any bumps using your fingers.


  • If I can do this without a problem anyone can. Your instructions were really clear. My Miss Makena loved it.

    By Blogger Sock Princess, at 1:52 PM  

  • I wish I had a little girl to knit this for. This is just too cute!

    By Anonymous Beth M., at 5:22 PM  

  • Thanks, Princess. I'm glad Miss M liked it - I wish it still fit Elise because she wore it a lot.

    Thanks Beth. Maybe I'll make a special design just for you because you are so encouraging!

    Anyone who needs the schema should email me: julesg at insight dot rr dot com. I didn't know how to post the schema.

    By Blogger Julie, at 5:38 PM  

  • Hey Julie

    Congratulations, you won! Drop me an email so we can arrange shipping of the yarn for you. Good guess!

    Dee. xx

    By Blogger Dee, at 10:57 AM  

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