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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And another summer project done!

Ever since Wendy posted her Sizzle top, I waited anxiously for her to publish the pattern. I bought it as soon as it came out in July, found a suitable yarn in my stash, and whipped it up in about 5 days (she says it's about a 3 day project - well maybe in her size!). So without further ado:

Pattern: Sizzle by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Berroco Linet (discontinued) from stash
Needles: don't remember, maybe US size 4?
Modifications and Notes: I made the shaping darts with the increases and decreases on the inside of the markers as opposed to the method indicated in the pattern because I started it before her pattern revision came out telling me to do it outside the markers. Basically the same result. I loved working with the Linet, it has excellent drape and a lovely sheen, so of course it's discontinued. Next time (because I'm sure I'll make this again) I think I will make it a little longer in the shaping section before I start the neck and arm decreases.

I loved the simplicity of the pattern, because you know lately I like to knit anything that is tricky just for the sake of keeping my interest, hence the lace and now the colorwork. But simple garments often look best when worn, and I've received many compliments on this top. I also appreciated that Wendy had the pattern instructions in "real" sizes, from 30" all the way to 54" chest measurements. More designers should include a better range of sizes. Check out her blog - she has some other really nice designs, plus she's a hoot to read.

Thanks for looking! Those of you who know me know why I chose this top this summer!


  • Cute sweater. Really shows off those perkettes. You go girl. The shawl was wonderful. Wish I could do all that fun stuff. I seem to be stuck on socks.

    By Blogger Sock Princess, at 9:26 PM  

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