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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And now, back to your regularly scheduled knitting content.

Yes, I know I only made 2 posts this summer, but when the kids are out of school it is pretty darn busy around here.

First, an update on a group project that I hadn't mentioned before so as not to ruin the surprise. I present the result of "Project Blankies" (this is supposed to be a glamour shot of the blankies on Elise's bed):

Pattern: 5 inch knitted squares crocheted together, with a crochet scallop binding
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic in primary colors plus Orange, Purple, and Green
Artists: the members of our Delaware SnB group.
Notes: We each took two hanks of a certain color and made six blocks of any pattern, with only one person doing green and one doing blue. The blankies were then pieced together by Delana such that one blankie had green blocks and blue binding and the other had blue blocks and green binding, all the other colors being in the same proportion in each blanket. Let me tell you, it took us a while to figure out what to do, and Delana did an outstanding job putting them together. :o)

Anyway, the recipients of the blankies are the son and daughter of a member, Lynne, who is very busy and hadn't been seen since the birth of the babes about 13 weeks ago, at about 31 weeks gestation. Warren and Ruth are getting along very well now after a brief stay in NICU, and we got to see them tonight. Man, are they super-cute! I wish I had remembered to bring my camera, I would be posting pictures of them right now. Maybe some day, as Robin brought her film camera.

Tomorrow (or very soon) I will get back to other knitting content, as I've actually finished a couple of projects that I need to document, including fairisle knee socks for Emily. Bye for now!


  • Great blankies! Love the colors.

    By Anonymous mitten maven, at 9:59 PM  

  • Love the bright colours, excellent job, well done.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:49 PM  

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