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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Summer of Stash

Something has come up to help me reduce my 'little' stash: the Summer of Stash Knit Along. A few months ago I made the mistake of completing a yarn inventory, and although at time I vowed not to buy any more, I've probably added 6 pairs of socks, 10,000 yards of lace weight zephyr for shawls, and yarn for a couple of tank tops. Oh, and maybe some stuff from KnitPicks for baby gifts. And some wool for felting. I think SoS is a good thing for me right now. :o)

Here is an in progress picture of my Pomatomus sock, being worked in Sockotta:

I made a little mistake by not paying attention, so I need to tink I few rows and get back on chart, but I'm still loving this pattern!

I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend, we are just taking it easy.


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