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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Green yarn and clean dog

Because I have a quickly approaching deadline for the Pioneer Day costumes, I clearly cannot work on them. Instead, I felt compelled to swatch and work on a design for a summer top for Emily. The yarn is that white worsted weight 1 pound coned cotton that you get to make dishcloths, dyed with I believe RIT dye, but maybe with some Procion. I thought I was keeping better records, but obviously I'm not. I worked with these pictures to try to get the truest color, but I'm not sure I really captured it in either picture, it's very fresh-looking. Neither picture is really representative, but the top one is closer - I'll try again after I get going on this project.

And since it is a new month, we get another picture of a freshly cleaned dog, this time (and for the first time!) with bows in her hair. She hates them, but man does it look cute!

Hopefully tomorrow I can post pictures of the completed simply lovely lace socks - I'm really cranking that 2nd one out!


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