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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nice Eggs!

What a nice weekend! (except for the part I'll mention later) Aunt Laura came to visit on Friday and we colored eggs that night. The girls had soccer games on Saturday morning and they both won, and afterward we decorated little egg-shaped cakes that I had baked the night before. Oh, and Emily and Laura got some frosting "facial hair".

And of course, hunting down the eggs the bunny left on Easter was very fun!

Saturday night Roger and I went to the Blue Jacket's game against the Blackhawks, for a great win of 5 to 2. When we left the house I started another baby companion bag, and by knitting while walking around and all during the game I had it mostly bound off by the time I got home. Emily liked hers so much we decided we should make them for teacher gifts. She is knitting one for her teacher and is almost done with the bottom of the bag.

Sunday I finished binding off the starfish. I love the way it turned out with my home-dyed merino lace from KnitPicks, however, it's way too small. I blocked it out (will post a picture soon!) and didn't make it big enough. I have plently of yarn left, so I'm thinking I'll try one of the knitted borders, perhaps from Knitting on the Edge?, and see how that goes. Any suggestions?

Now for the bad thing about my weekend: I got a toothache starting on Saturday about lunch time and it's just gotten worse and worse, extremely painful. Went to the dentist today, and I have a nasty abscess and will be getting a root canal in about an hour. Have a pity party for me, OK?


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