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Saturday, April 08, 2006

whew! busy Saturday

It was such a busy Saturday, I'm happy I finally have a minute while the girls are in the bath to sit and, well, not be standing. It started before 9 a.m. with an Easter egg hunt (wearing my perfectly Easter-y fixation socks!) at my neighbor's church, which we returned from about 11:45. Then, Ames from the Delaware group came over and we went to the Merc for felting yarns. Ames is a serious felter, but I've never been that terribly interested in it, focusing lately as much as possible on Lace or dyeing, but she made a great little bag that I just had to try - see below.

Arriving home at 1:45, I was just in time to make sure the girls were both dressed and ready for soccer. Emily won 7 - 0, and Elise won because everyone wins on the four-year-old teams. Yesterday it was 78 degrees, but of course today it had to be only 42 and super windy, so we were all quite cold and tired by the time we finally got home at 4:30. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little quieter, and a little warmer too!


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