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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Last post of April

Seems like this month went by in a flash. We only have 3 more soccer games of the season. There's just a little over a month left of school. And it's time to move on to a new color in Project Spectrum tomorrow.

To wrap up the gorgeous month of yellow and orange, I leave with you a few images:

The orange Henry's Attic Irish lace I dyed and swatched. It's a light weight 80cotton/20linen blend that knits up almost bulky gauge. It is destined to be a simple top, when the top-knitting moratorium is lifted.

Second is a snap of the fabric Emily and I picked out to make our Pioneer Day costumes. The natural muslin is for the aprons and Em's pantaloons, the brown paisley is for my chemise, and the girl picked the ORANGE paisley for her dress. Go Emily, way to embrace the April colors (not that she knows about this silly thing mom is doing)!!

Finally, and shot of Elise "helping" me yesterday morning by washing the new freezer cups from Joann's - you can see her washing the yellow one, but we also got orange, green and blue. Sweet!

Looking forward to another exciting month of color - and it is by far my Favorite Color Ever - GREEN!


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