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Monday, April 02, 2007


I spent a little bit of time spinning samples this weekend.

These are a few yards of 2-ply each of the raw alpaca (the beige yarn) that Kay gave me to try with her wheel, and of the ingeo from Mud River Angoras that I finally feel confident enough to spin, but am still not good enough to. I might try blending it with merino next, I think that will help.

These are samples that I've Navajo plied (a nifty way to 3-ply a single, link to video instructions), of the mystery wool from Vicki, the Sunny Day Australian wool from Cider Moon, and an unknown green colorway of superwash that Gail included as a sample with my order. The superwash was really easy to ply this way, but I didn't do as well with the regular wool so when I spun the first 2 ounces of the Sunny Square Pants Day for a sock, I just did a 2 ply, which turned out really cool too.

click any of these pictures for a Big Image.

Here are pictures of the mystery wool being processed by Vicki. You can see that she got many bags of this, and it's all fresh off the sheep and needs cleaning. I spent Tuesday picking through some from the bag she gave me, but she's got a whole system going and has cleaned a lot, I just did enough to card and spin a little sample. The cute dog in the sweater is included just for fun, she's Vicki's dog Jazzy wearing her fancy new sweater.


  • Wow, the Sunny Day looks so vibrant spun up! I love it! And you and Vicki are far braver than I - I can't even comprehend how much work goes into cleaning fleeces. And dogs wearing sweaters always gets a thumbs up from me. :)

    By Blogger Lufah, at 5:27 PM  

  • As usual great job. Want to dye with plants when the weather gets warmer? I'm out collecting now.

    By Anonymous sock princess, at 6:24 PM  

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