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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Baby Stuff

Roger's boss and his wife just got a new baby girl (they already had her brother - they are very special people who have adopted these babies!), and this is something I made to keep her in cottony comfort.

Pattern: Made the sweater a time ago just to try this yarn(months ago) and I don't recall, but the booties are from this Leisure Arts booklet, Precious Layettes to Knit. I think the sweater might be from here too, I've made lots of them from this book.
Yarn: Bernat cotton tots in Jelly Belly
Needles: US 3
Fun? lots

I feel like been in a little bit of a knitting of slump, and making these booties Tuesday afternoon during "Night at the Museum" made me feel a lot better. I love having something I can just whip up. The yarn is super soft, and machine wash and dry. I made the cords for the neck and ankles out of crochet chain, and think the effect is very cute.

Here is a quick shot of the first handspun sock, edited for your protection:

I'm working on the other. And because I didn't have the yarn ready, I am also just past the gusset on a Hedera sock. Nice pattern, from and Cookie A.

I also cast on for a sweater Tuesday night to help me get out of the slump, the same one that my friend Delana just started.

I will be making a post some day soon for Jacki of Cider Moon about the other toy I got from the Fiber Event, a Louet Junior drum carder. I just haven't had a lot of time for this, and I haven't even had much time for spinning, and I'm still working on the atomic lace weight. I'm finding that I'm probably going to have trouble with spinning monogamy just as I have many projects on the needles at once. Big surprise, right?


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