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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Project Spectrum 2.0

I signed up for Lolly's Project Spectrum, Part Deux and have neglected to post about my participation. Actually, I've been so wrapped up in learning to spin(!!!) that I forgot about it until I clicked on her fun blog the other day. The first two months are Blue, Grey, and White. Turns out that with my efforts to complete projects that I already had on the needles I have serendipitously been keeping with the program! I'm getting closer, little by little, to finishing the fronts of the cabled sweater. It's going to look so much nicer blocked, but I love the cabled design.

I've been distracted from completing the sweater not only by spinning but also by a project I've been working for a while, piecemeal, which is also blue: the Snapping Turtle Skirt by Norah Gaughan in her book Knitting Nature. Because the Berroco Suede is rather costly, I've been buying it just a couple balls at a time to help rationalize the overall cost, and because of the modular design of the skirt, I think the different dye lots will only enhance the look. Anyway, I've completed 9 hexes, and so far it's looking like it will fit very well and has been pretty fun to make. I drew lines on the picture to show where the zipper goes and how the stitches are picked up on the previous hexes and then the remaining sides are cast on. This is a time I really wish I were the same size as when I married because I would probably be done already! And yes, I know I said I would never knit a skirt, and generally knitted skirts are a bad idea, but it's so darned cool! The skirt is worked with the stocking stitch side facing, but this will be the inside of the skirt when it's completed.


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