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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

more beginner spinnings

The pink stuff is from some hand dyed wool roving that I bought from the yarn shop, and I have a ton more to spin up. This is about 110 yards of 2 ply thick and thin (because I'm not that good) and I'm hoping to think of something cool to make from it when I get more done.

The brown is natural alpaca that the Sock Princess gave to me to try. Spinning this stuff is not the easiest, probably due to my newness, but it is so incredibly soft! I can't wait to do some more - this is only about 32-35 yards and a little thicker than the pink wool. The color is truer in the bottom picture, I think.

I did order some more wool, and also some INGEO, which is made from corn I believe. Will post more when I get the stuff.


  • Can't wait for Mike to get home so he can see your yarn. He'll be impressed.

    By Blogger Sock Princess, at 7:41 PM  

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