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Thursday, August 16, 2007

What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part II

I did very little knitting on the beach because I was mostly swimming or playing or just resting. This is part of the Bianca's Jacket from Fall 2006 IK that I would have finished if I hadn't run out of yarn for the finishing border. Curses on my long arms making me use up too much yarn!! Notice the happy man flying his kite and the children in the water. Heaven, I say!

Typical beach scene of me and my doggers.

This is the semi-completed jacket on the porch swing. I sewed up one side to check the fit, but naturally lost momentum after I realized I wouldn't have enough silk to finish. Below is a snap I took myself of the one arm. Fit seems to be right.
Of course it needs a good steaming, too. I think this one is going to be a favorite, even though the silk was tough on my hands. More details about it when I post the finished product.

LYS Review and Vacation Booty

A trip to the beach wouldn't be complete without a trip to the really nice yarn shop a little north of us in Ludington, called Nautical Yarn. This shop is a real treat, and was even better than it was last year with much more lace yarn and all kinds of cool stuff. I purchased enough Kraemer Sterling (reviewed today in Knitter's Review!) to make the Shirley Paden Tie-Front Cardigan from Vogue Holiday 2006 (see a beautiful completed one here). The proprietor had made one for a lace class and I was completely drawn to it in person, where in the magazine I thought it kind of "meh". She used an alpaca with sparkle (was it this?Alpaca Yarn Company "Glimmer" I think maybe), and it was lovely, and she also pointed out errors in the chart for me and was generally a nice person to visit with. All the help in the shop was indeed helpful, and they all seemed like true fiber enthusiasts. Anyway, a couple pictures of the loot, which also included one hank of Fino.

I think I showed remarkable restraint considering all the goodies in the store, including the new Kaffe Fassett sock yarns! More soon on other works in progress, including the other cardigan mentioned before vacation, the socks and some spinning stuff.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part I

View from my spinning chair on the porch, Cider Moon Australian wool in Peas and Carrots. The view you can't see is Lake Michigan and a beautiful private beach, just a short walk over the dune.

Plying the carrots. I have enough for a pair of shortie socks, I hope. 4 oz. gave me about 270 yards unknown wpi. Oh, and I love my new Louet Victoria travel wheel!!

Peas and carrots in a Fiesta bowl. The cottage has a whole closet full of all manner of Fiesta Ware.

Making the salsa in the morning.

Spinning some avocado singles. I've never knit with my own singles, but I'll be making a scarf of some type to coordinate with my avocado broadripple socks.

Beach dog. Of course. She had a good time this year.


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oh well!

Just as I'm getting back into the swing of posting, I'm leaving on vacation! I still have catching up to do from before, but just to let you know about stuff coming up: 2 cardigans, 2 pair of socks, 2 mystery stoles (one black, one white, both with beads) and an all-silk version of the swallowtail shawl from Interweave. It's all good.

See you when I get back!